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This is what separates the true maniacs like me from the fangirls, I suppose... I am always happy to chat about my obsession with Ace & Jig, slow/ethical fashion, UX, and puppies. Feel free to email me at!

The Bridge - "How Ace & Jig Created a Cult Following for ‘Slow Fashion" - July 7, 2017

Several women actually wore the same dress, the Teasdale Dress in the Ivy fabric, a sleeveless, round-collared midi-length dress. One of them was Wendy Chu, who is so obsessed with Ace & Jig that she runs the blog Another Thread, almost entirely devoted to the brand, for which she tours stores to assess their Ace & Jig edits. She currently owns 150 pieces. “I tend to buy fabrics I really love or shapes that I really love,” she said. “If I like the fabric, I will try to buy it in as many shapes [as] look good on me.”

Business of Fashion - "Community Is Core to Next-Gen Brands" - May 25, 2017

“We talk a lot about things that aren’t clothing related,” said Wendy from Park Slope Brooklyn, who spent most of the afternoon wearing a duster she eventually bought, standing over a pile of garments that she had laid claim to. “For instance, it just happens to be the case that both Katy” — the fan from Atlanta — ”and I are both huge fans of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ We discovered that after meeting because of our love of these textiles.”

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