Starts Tonight! Ace & Jig Drop 4 Preorders for Fall 2017

Ace & Jig Poppy Tee in Halo
Extra! Extra! Drop 4 Ace & Jig pre-orders are happening tonight! If you're not yet familiar with the fourth drop textiles, now is the perfect time to study my (just updated) textile guide for the drop.

Hold on... Drop 3 preorders happened just 2 weeks ago, breaking this season's pattern of mid-month pre-orders. It is the last drop of the season, and it's a smaller one, with only 5 textiles, but this acceleration of schedule took me by surprise...

If the usual pattern holds, most retailers will be posting their wares at midnight EST, though Accompany usually drops earlier than that. Still, I'll be updating this space as I find out more and receive confirmation from retailers, so watch this post!

Preorders for this drop are expected to ship mid-October. 

Use code WELCOME or EMAILSIGNUP for $30 off your first purchase. 

  • Monet Blouse in Nocturne
  • Ophelia Dress in Honor
  • Liberty Dress in Bewitched

Covet & Lou
  • Virginia Dress in Nocturne
  • Ophelia Dress in Honor
  • Ophelia Dress in Bewitched
  • Maggie Top in Glory
  • Monet Blouse in Bewitched
  • Magdalena Dress in Glory
  • Liberty Dress in Halo
  • Hughes Pant in Bewitched
  • Orla Top in Honor
  • Eve Dress in Halo
  • Virginia Dress in Bewitched
  • Wrap Jumper in Glory
  • Poppy Tee in Halo
  • Liberty Dress in Nocturne
  • Hughes Pant in Nocturne

  • Ophelia Dress in Bewitched
  • Orla Top in Bewitched
  • Monet Top in Halo
  • Monet Top in Nocturne

Le Souk Le Souk 
  • Liberty Dress in Nocturne
  • Liberty Dress in Bewitched
  • Liberty Dress in Halo
  • Magdalena Dress in Halo
  • Magdalena Dress in Bewitched
  • Hughes Pants in Nocturne
  • Ophelia Dress in Bewitched
  • Ophelia Dress in Honor
  • Ophelia Dress in Nocturne
  • Orla Top in Bewitched
  • Orla Top in Halo
  • Wrap Jumper in Bewitched

Phoenix General

  • Eve Dress in Bewitched
  • Poppy Tee in Honor
  • Poppy Tee in Halo


  1. Did I miss masquerade? It's nowhere to be found!

    1. Hi! I just received confirmation that Masquerade would sadly definitely not be produced. I have updated my textile guide to reflect that!