Ace & Jig 3rd Drop Arrived at Matches

3rd drop Ace & Jig has finally been released at Matches, and there's a lot of it! 

I always eagerly anticipate this drop, because it's my absolute favorite place to shop for Ace: 
  • Free (FAST) shipping and returns
  • No taxes
  • Beautiful packaging 
  • Generous 30-day return policy (must request RMA within 14 days)
  • Friendly customer service
  • Occasional lower prices due to currency conversion. 
And their styling is decent, too (that Archive suit, amirite?)! It's basically the best in the biz. See below for all the arrivals and convenient links.

Ace & Jig Vista Top in Archive and Dancin' Pant in Archive. A good opportunity to try out the super-high-waist pants of the season.

Ace & Jig Margot Dress in Chester - This has been selling out like hotcakes, so it's also a great chance to snap one up. Has pockets!!

If you still haven't picked up an Ace & Jig Hot Cross Dress in Carnival yet, try this! It's the standout shape of the season, from the looks of it!

Which brings me to the final two looks... Dark vs. light. Which one will you choose? Ace & Jig Sylvia Top in Carnival and Ramona Skirt in Merry.

Which side indeed...? Ace & Jig Sylvia Top in Merry and Ramona Skirt in Carnival.

And for those who simply can't decide, there's the Ace & Jig Vista Top in Merry and Carnival. Isn't life easier when you don't have to pick a favorite? Thanks, Jenna & Cary!


  1. Totally agree - their packaging and shipping/returns are reason enough to order!

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