Ace & Jig Archive Kimonos Back in all Sizes

If you were desperately hoping to find the Ace & Jig Kimono in Archive in your size, it's your lucky day. Barneys has it!

Bonus: Try-on photo + mini review below!

Quick take: I'm wearing the kimono in S here, which is my preferred kimono size, and I found it to fit well. I could also have taken a XS.

Pros: Great, bold colors, great textile combo, lighter and drapier than expected! A great statement-neutral.

Cons: I found Pearl to be a bit too sheer for a garment meant to be layered on top of something. Look out for symmetry in the back especially... Most of them had notable misalignment of Pearl or Archive. I also found Archive to be quite spongey/waffle-y in texture. That texture makes it drapier than it might look, but I wasn't the biggest fan.

Overall: I'm glad I got a chance to try it on. It's not for me right now, but it's certainly a maybe for the future.

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