Chasing away the Monday Blues

Wearing: Ace & Jig Dune Kimono from Le Souk Le Souk, Ace & Jig Soiree dress in Narnia from Ace & Jig Webstore, Dieppa Restrepo Gaston loafers (Not sure where Dieppas are carried anymore aside from Garmentory...?) . And none of this is available right now, to my knowledge. 

I've debated whether or not to post outfits on this new blog, since it's different from much of my other content, but it is where I started out, and it's a somewhat unique offering that I'm able to provide, so... I guess it's an experiment for now.

So, if you read my recent instagram post, you'll know that I was laid off from work along with the entire project team that I was working with. Because of mass-layoff laws, however, my last day is not until the end of June, due to the requirement of advance notice of a layoff of this size. I'm still reporting for work at the usual office for the time being (I honestly wasn't sure what I'd be doing in this limbo period), so here's today's outfit post.

Trying to cheer myself up with some of my new favorite pieces. I've finally kept some things from this season and they are excellent. I love the fit of the soiree, and this piece in narnia honestly feels like an updated version of my favorite Weekend Dress in Black Slub. The Kimono in Dune is my favorite of all the kimonos, and I'm even debating whether I need the Hawthorn one since I have this one now...

Which of your pieces are cheering you up the most right now? Should I keep doing outfit posts, or just stick to alerts? Let me know! 


  1. keep doing outfit posts! love hearing expanded thoughts on pieces - more than just an insta story. :)