New Ace & Jig at Grethen House

And the trickle of 3rd drop Ace & Jig has officially become a stream! Grethen House has posted their offerings in Chester and Saki, and there are some great pieces in there! The Ace & Jig Allovers in Chester have my vote, since I don't think I've seen them elsewhere...

See below for the rest + my thoughts!

The Ace & Jig Hot Cross Dress in Saki is a hard one to track down, but seems to be available at least for the moment. Grab one while you can! 

The Ace & Jig Margot Dress in Chester seems to be a retailer and community favorite based on the way it's been selling. Need I remind you of the pockets

The Ace & Jig Allovers in Saki seem like they would be a great layering piece. I had the chance to try the Kimono in Saki, and can confirm that it is much like a brown version of lattice in terms of weight and feel. While I'm not personally a wearer of brown, it could certainly be a future fave — like the new Lattice Romper!

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