New Ace & Jig at Givens Circle!

The slow trickle of drop 3 continues at Givens Circle, though sadly, no sign of their brilliant styling as of yet. Check out their new arrivals in Carnival & Pearl, and read my thoughts below:

I'm definitely curious about the Ace & Jig Orchard Pant in Carnival, since I haven't seen these in too many places, and Carnival pants just seem like they'd be a good time.

I've seen the Ace & Jig Booker Blouse in Pearl in a few other shops, so I don't think there's too much of a rush there. Pearl just hasn't stood out to me just yet, as it's sheer, and has a small tendency to look a little bit linty to my eyes.

There's also the Ace & Jig Vista Top in Merry, though we've already gone over my dislike of the patternblocking on some of the Vistas.

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