Today's Ace & Jig New Arrivals, Sales, and Restocks

The alerts have been slow lately as I have been working on some behind-the-scenes technical stuff. So here's another digest post for ya! Let me know if you prefer this format or if you'd rather I posted as soon as I hear! More info can be found below!

Ace & Jig Slipper Dress in Emerald
Conifer has some Ace & Jig items back in stock, including the beautiful (and reversible) Slipper Dress in Emerald (above), the Ramona Skirt in Carnival, and the Booker Blouse in Twine, among others.

Ace Jig Allovers in Chester
We Are Iconic just got the Allovers in Chester, and I think they might be my favorite allovers from a visual standpoint. While you're there, check out this printed dress by Black Crane! I hadn't seen it before, but now it's inside my head! 

Ace & Jig Halftime Shift in Stellar
Slate just put the Halftime Shift in Stellar on sale. This cutie will now set you back less than $200 and is still available in XS, M, and L. 


  1. That black crane dress!!! I hadn't seen the print either but it's sooooo good! I like that you're including little extras like this too. ☺️

    1. Yay! The goal is to ultimately make this about a bit more than Ace & Jig and more about indie and ethical/sustainable fashion brands at large, with a focus on Ace. I'm just testing out the waters first. :)