The Hottest Ace & Jig Dresses of the Season are in at Madewell

Madewell has finally released some 3rd drop items online. Not THAT exciting since you may have already purchased these a long, long time ago, but their photography and styling are, as ever, very on-point! 

See the full post below for all the eye candy! 

Sometimes, it's seems as though retailers have colluded and agreed upon a "Dress of the Season." And that dress seems to be the Teasdale Dress in Merry. Honestly, did any shop not get this one? So simple, beautiful, and just distinctive enough to be special. If only I could find one with perfectly mismatched lines...

 Looks good in the back...

 Not quite there on the front...

Le sigh. #OCDProblems. 

Speaking of "Dress of the Season," I feel like the Hot Cross Dress in Carnival also deserves honorable mention, and it's styled to perfection here.

I dunno what the deal is with all the fedora hate in pop culture, but a wide-brimmed cream fedora is an awesome summer hat in my book. I just wish I wore hats more!

How is the cross-back so perfect here, when it was so awkward on me? Not fair! 

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