An Indie Fashion Lover's Guide to Shopping The RealReal

One of my favorite places to buy pretty much any clothing is The Real Real, a high-end online consignment store that guarantees authenticity of the products it sells. Plus, you can assuage some of the shopping guilt by knowing that what you're buying is a) secondhand, and thus a bit more sustainable, and b) at a great price! 

They're definitely better-known for the big luxury brands like Chanel and Celine, but if you dig a little, you'd be surprised by how many indie labels you can find—including Ace, of course! 

Here's my personal list of labels/searches to keep tabs on: 
I check occasionally for brands that I particularly like, just in case they might have something of interest, but you're probably best off checking multiple times per day in order to get first dibs on the best pieces, as they seem to update a few times a day—competition is fierce! 

The Real Real also has the occasional amazing Ace & Jig gem — and they always go quickly! Today's finds: the Ace & Jig Boardwalk Dress in Denim (above), and the Play Dress in Railroad/Ditsy, both at sweet deals! Update: both already sold... but you can try adding yourself to the waitlist in case they get returned — it happens! 

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