2 Months of Another Thread: A Quick Look Back and Forward

Guess what, everyone? It's been another month of Another Thread, and what a great one!

Month two has eclipsed month one by a huge margin, in terms of readers, revenue, and enjoyment for me, personally. It is thanks to your support via your encouragement, comments, likes, ad clicks and affiliate link purchases, that I am able to maintain the drive to keep on keeping on.

As you may already know, I started this blog around the time my whole division was laid off at my company, purely by coincidence. And it's thanks to that free time, my existing knowledge of UX, and a ton of self-teaching that I've been able to make it what it is. Let's call this procrastiworking, since I really ought to be looking for a new gig... but this is turning into a proper side hustle in its own right. I still have so much more planned for the future, and I'm really excited to see where this thing can go!

And now, a look at what's happened this month, by the numbers:

The 5 Most Popular Posts Last Month:

  1. Ace & Jig Try-Ons At Barneys, Part 2 - So you guys like it when I wear clothes, huh? Or is it the brighter-than-usual blush that did it? Or maybe I'm just being self-centered and it's really alllll about that Ballad Dress
  2. Ace & Jig Spring 2017 Shopping Guide (4th Drop) - So glad to see that this little experiment ended up working well for you! I'll admit that I reference it myself sometimes when I get a sudden hankering for particular pieces. 
  3. The Best Memorial Day Sales For The Indie Fashion Label Shopper - Boy, was this one a labor of love, keyword being LABOR. This took some serious legwork on my part, since I haven't yet done the boutique outreach I keep meaning to do, so this was all put together from the many, many boutique email lists I've signed up for over the years, various social media accounts, etc. So I guess love definitely factors into it quite a bit as well. Hope you all found some great deals! 
  4. Ace & Jig Webstore XO Photos - Ra Ra Midis Galore! - Glad to see that you all like Ra Ra Midis as much as I do! Alas, I still haven't gotten around to outfits/try-ons/reviews of the bunch, but let me know if you desperately need them, and I'll move them up in my queue! 
  5. Mother's Day Sales From Some Of The Best Boutiques - My first try at a sales round-up. Hope there are lots of happy moms out there, sporting some stylish sale finds. 

So based on the above, below are the 5 things I'm guessing about you readers... for the nerds like me.

  1. You like pictures of ME! Just kidding. But you like try-ons on a real human being, who doesn't have a perfect body type. Cool. I'll try my best to do even more of that in the future, especially as I currently have a backlog of unedited try-on photos. 
  2. You like lists of things. Great! There are two whole lists in this post! :) That's pretty much in line with best practices for online content I see out there, and I'm happy to do more in the future.
  3. You like shopping guides. Me too! It's hard to keep up with all the great little shops and brands out there, and I'm thrilled to play a part in guiding you to the best of the best! I have lots of ideas around this concept, so stay tuned! 
  4. You like reference content. That is, information you'd want to come back to, rather than just read once. Well, this might be due to how I'm measuring posts performance (pageviews), and reference content would, by necessity, be viewed more. But it's also less timely, because it takes longer to put together. I have thoughts on how to balance the two, so stay tuned! 
  5. You like sales! Who doesn't?? You rest assured that I'll post info about any particularly enticing sales.  
So, did I get it right? Tell me if there's anything else that you like or don't like, or that you want to see more of. I always want to know what you think, because I do it all for you! 


  1. More YOU! Forever and always more pictures of you! Your styling is especially incredible, not just the dressing room try-ons!

    Keep keeping on!

  2. I just really appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog! I click through and read every post, and have purchased several things via your links! The try-ons are especially helpful since we're similar height. THANK YOU!