Ace & Jig 3rd Drop in the Webstore Tomorrow!

Start getting your game face on! Ace & Jig just confirmed in their most recent email that 3rd drop items will be arriving in the webstore tomorrow! As ever, everything will drop at 9 am PST/Noon EST. 

UPDATE: Ace & Jig has confirmed that there will also be XOs tomorrow! Could it be more Emerald?? Let the wild speculation begin! 

I'm personally eyeing the Margot in Merry, the Frida in Chester and — wha? Did I just see a flash of Emerald?!

If animated gifs make you as dizzy as they make me, see below for all of the stills! 



  1. I'm curious what your wild speculation is about the xo 😘

    1. I'm always game for more Teasdales and Ra Ras!