Old Stuff, New Stuff, and some Blue Stuff

First off, big ups to @aceandjig.friends.europe for discovering that the Twiggy site does, indeed, have a shopping component!

I'd been stalking it for a while, but had been staring at the brand page instead, which just has the video and no links to product. Big missed opportunity there — not great information architecture, guys...

Once you actually figure out how to get to the goods (can you figure it out? I challenge you to do it on your own!), the UX is still pretty bad. Did you know some of the items come in multiple textiles? Me neither, until I clicked to view details! I guess this kind of stuff is what keeps my field (if not my current job) alive...

Anyhow, it's a cornucopia of Ace, old and new! See some of the surprise finds below. (And if you happen to run an online store and want to hire me to make your site more shoppable and profitable, please get in touch!)

I don't think I've seen the Ace & Jig Frida Jacket in Archive anywhere else before! 

 And if you missed out on the Frida Jacket in Highland at Iris, now's your chance!

I don't think I've seen this Vista top in Twine before either!

 If past-season treasures are what you seek, how about this Port Dress in Union?

Which is also available in Fable!

And the cuddly Quilted Jacket in Chore!

Even more where that came from! See them all here.