Emerald/Sky is Still in Production & Coming Soon!

Huzzah! Ace & Jig has confirmed in their latest post on Instagram that Emerald (and Sky) is still in production, as it's one of the most challenging textiles this season. But it's coming along, and the remaining styles will be trickling out soon!

  • Soiree Dresses are shipping at the end of next week! (size small in Sky available here)
  • Allovers are TBD, but they expect to deliver them by June 1 (size large in Emerald available here!)
  • Ballad Dresses are also TBD, but they also expect to have them out by June 1. (Emerald in size XS-S available here. Sky in Size XS-S available here.)

And I just received word that my Paz Dress in Emerald (available here) has just shipped as of yesterday! So, it's all still coming along... The joys and pains of slow fashion.

If you're looking for other places or pieces to score your perfect Emerald piece, check out my Emerald Scavenger Hunt post, which I've been updating with new arrivals as they come up. (Apologies in advance if any of the featured items have already sold out, though!)

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