Ace & Jig Shopping Guide: Emerald

It's become pretty clear that Emerald is the Ace & Jig textile star of SS 17 — if it was made in Emerald, it's probably already sold out. But there are a few pieces still hiding out there! Here's the stuff around the web that's still available. Happy hunting!
UPDATE: Ace & Jig Dancin' Pants in Emerald can now be found at Advice from a Caterpillar

The Ace & Jig Sylvia Top in Emerald can also be found at Advice from a Caterpillar!

Just one Ace & Jig Kimono in Emerald is available in size S at Shoptiques
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You can also find one at Accompany.

The Ace & Jig Carver Skirt in Emerald is still available in XS at Le Souk Le Souk and in M-L at Nine Streets.

The Ace & Jig Allovers in Emerald are still available in L at Accompany, XS and L at Nine Streets, in L at Mira Mira, and in XS-M soon at Plenty Hood River.

The Ace & Jig Derby Pants in Emerald are available in XS at Accompany.

The Ace & Jig Atwood Top in Emerald is available in XS at Fashionkind, in XL at Mayer Wasner, in S and L at Accompany, and will be available soon in XS and S at Plenty Hood River

The Ace & Jig Paz Dress in Emerald is available in sizes M and L at Accompany. (It's an Accompany exclusive too!) 

Barneys has the Ace & Jig Paz top in Emerald

Barneys also has the Exclusive Ace & Jig Emerald Pinafore Dress, on occasion. It's usually sold out, but it doesn't hurt to check back now and again, as they do restock from time to time.

And of course, there's the Ace & Jig Barneys XO Suit-Up in Emerald which I reviewed here!

The Ace & Jig Vista Top in Emerald is available at Covet & Lou, size M. (no image available)

The Ace & Jig Rosa Top in Emerald, is available at Nine Streets in size L and will be making an appearance at Plenty Hood River soon in all sizes. (no image available)

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  1. Did anyone beside covet and Lou have the Sylvia top? Can't find it anywhwere!

    1. Per Ace & Jig: Avenue Boutique, Folk, Petit and Olson, Ron Herman, Tamarind, ABC Home, Covet & Lou, Dress, Fashion Kind, Palace, 30s Vase, Lark, Advice from a Caterpillar, Avenue 32, Avant-garde, Twiggy

      I think some retailers don't post things until they actually arrive, so don't give up hope!

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