Try-Ons at Bird Part 1: Paz Tops in Saki & Merry, Carver Skirt in Crown, & Kimono in Stellar

As previously noted, this is a super busy time for me, as I attempt to chase down all the Ace & Jig in this city before it gets purchased.

Thanks once again to the swift legwork and heads-up of @offdutytrip, I went to the new Bird location on Lafayette to grope and document the latest Ace & Jig arrivals. I still haven't received my pre-orders from this drop (hopefully soon!) so it was nice to see what I was in for.

You know the drill. See below for try-on photos and reviews! Update: Part 2 is now up! 

First up is the Ace & Jig Paz Top in Merry (size small). This top is a super cute one! I love how the cap sleeves kind of look like tiny shoulder-wings, and it's especially sweet in this textile. I could see this being super cute under the Allovers or the Hot Cross Dress, with the cap sleeves sticking out the sides, and wish those were available to try with this! Sizing-wise, I recommend sizing up; I prefer the fit of the S, as the XS was a bit tighter under the arms than I would like. 

The Ace & Jig Paz Top in Saki (size small) is identical in fit to the Merry one. I love the contrast of the two different sides of Saki. Sad to say that brown really isn't my color. Again, I recommend sizing up; I prefer the fit of the S, as the XS was a bit tighter under the arms than I would like. 

I wore the Paz tops untucked to demonstrate the length, but in reality, I'd probably wear them tucked in. Their shape pairs very nicely with the high waist of the Ace & Jig Carver Skirt in Crown (size small)

This skirt runs TTS, as I would have preferred my usual XS. Though some have found it too voluminous, I disagree — I found it very flattering for my pear shape, and this silhouette is one of my go-tos when it comes to skirts. While it is billed as reversible (and hence, lacks pockets), I wouldn't consider it to be truly reversible in any textile due to the button placket, the back of which is on display when the skirt is worn reversed. 

Though I love the buttons and the general idea of it, especially in Crown, this shape falls in a slightly weird way for me. The center has a tendency to fold inward, as you can see above, and I have found this to be the case for this skirt in every textile I've tried so far (Crown, Damask, Stellar). Sadly, that makes this a pass for me. 

Last but not least, the Ace & Jig Kimono in Stellar (size medium). This kimono is definitely a statement piece — even more so than the others. I tried this on over what I had on at the time, but I kind of like it balanced with the Crown skirt. I'd prefer a simpler top if I were to venture out of the fitting room, though! And I think this piece would look great over some jeans and a simple top. It's a whole outfit by itself! 

For reference, my preferred size in most kimonos is small, but this is the only size they had on the racks. Still, I don't hate the fit on me. I've actually tried every size of kimono this season in Emerald, and have to say that the differences in sizing are somewhat negligible when worn. Larger sizes are mainly longer and have longer sleeves, but never seemed "too big" in a drapey fabric like Emerald, since they are meant to fit oversized in my mind... 

But back to the kimono at hand: I think this one is underrated! I wasn't wowed by it in online photos, but in person, it really pops! I'll admit that I'm not totally sure about the Soleil collar, but Crown and Stellar together work better than expected! Having Crown at the shoulder makes for a wonderful drape, too.  

Part 2 is now up! 

What do you think of the pieces above? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? I'm always curious to see if someone's experience of a piece was different from mine, so let me know! 

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