Try-Ons at Bird Part 2: Teasdale Dress in Merry, Skipper Tee in Crown, Carpenter Pants in Chintz

Ace & Jig Teasdale Dress in Merry with Rachel Comey Dahl Leopard Mules
Continuing on from Part 1...

I failed to mention in my earlier post that the ladies at Bird's Lafayette location are just the ideal saleswomen. Friendly, helpful, not too pushy or over-attentive, and genuine-seeming. They never bothered me when I didn't want to be bothered, but were quick to help me with my every need. A welcome and refreshing change from another boutique in the area that also carries Ace... 

For instance, this Ace & Jig Teasdale Dress was actually being worn by a window mannequin when I was there. The saleswoman helping me cheerfully took it off the mannequin, with zero attitude given! Multiple offers were made to help me find my size in various pieces in other Bird locations, or even transfer them (for free!) from another location. Amazing. 

Read more below for my thoughts on the teasdale and other pieces, and visit the lovely ladies at Bird Lafayette sometime! 
Ace & Jig Carpenter Pants in Chintz and Skipper Tee in Crown - Front View
First up is the Ace & Jig Carpenter Pant in Chintz (size XS). I am more surprised than anyone but... I kind of like them! Yes, they're kind of Ace & Jig JNCOs, and I mainly tried them on for laughs (and for you sweet fans, of course) but I ended up thinking they were a real possibility! Those vertical stripes are pretty flattering, and the fit was super loose and cozy. When I wear heels underneath, I look reasonably tall and slim! 

Ace & Jig Carpenter Pants in Chintz and Skipper Tee in Crown - Side View
Another photo from the side. Just 'cause they're pretty fly... Right? 

Sizing: Large to size. The extra smalls were super loose, and fit lower than I would have wanted. I would have sized down to the nonexistent XXS if possible. 

Closures: Button-fly! A rarity for Ace pants these days. 

Pockets: Yes! 

Length: Super long. Would definitely require a hem for most. 

Ace & Jig Skipper Tee in Crown over Teasdale Dress in Merry
This brings me to the Ace & Jig Skipper Tee in Crown (size M) shown above over the Teasdale in Merry and with the Carpenter Pants in Chintz. 

I know this style is a fan favorite, but I'm not too impressed — maybe because they didn't have my size, and the M is just too boxy for me. It does layer nicely over the Teasdale though, and it's a great style for petites due to its cropped length. Just not my fave. 

Ace & Jig Teasdale Dress in Merry
The Ace & Jig Teasdale Dress in Merry (size XS) is pretty clearly a crowdpleaser. Lots of retailers picked it up, and it keeps managing to sell out even so! I've already mentioned before that the Teasdale is my favorite shape of the season, so let's talk (in great detail) about why! 

Sizing: TTS to maybe a bit smaller than usual Ace sizing. I would recommend getting your preferred size in the surf dresses, as the XS was perfectly fitted on me in the bust — not tight, but maybe not much room for layering. 

Neckline: This is the rare Ace & Jig turnaround piece that I would happily wear on either side (as seen in the two photos above). Whichever suits your mood. I imagine the lower neckline in front would be best for layering. 

Body: Great length (knee-length on tall people, midi length on shorter gals). Swingy skirt that's not too voluminous. Super flattering high wasitline for those who are petite or smaller of breast. I know that this has been compared to a Shore Dress from SS '15, but the fit seems different and for the better as far as I'm concerned. I would say it's more similar in feel to a Cliff Dress, though with some obvious differences in length, tiers, and buttons. 

Pockets: Yes! And they are glorious. Well-positioned, and they don't appear to show through the Merry fabric. 

Layering Potential: Yes! But I might advise that you size up if you want to use it for such purposes. Would look excellent over a Wheeler Shirt or maybe even a Sylvia Top

Textile: Okay, so I have a tiny gripe with this particular textile. The vertical stripes on the tiers, as you can see, almost line up. But not quite. Which makes my OCD eyes go crazy! If they were totally offset, that's cool. If they perfectly lined up, that's cool too. But just being slightly off is no bueno for me, especially with my graphic design training, where high contrast or no contrast are the key. There is no middle ground. Which is why...

Overall: I didn't go home with it, though I really really wanted to. I might wait and see if I can find one with stripes that I can get behind. Don't get me wrong, I love it! But I already have the one in Damask and have one in Twine coming in the mail, and my closet space and budget don't really leave room for anything I don't 100% adore. We shall see... 

In case you missed it be sure to, read Part 1! Did any of these pieces above catch your eye/wallet? 


  1. Girl, I just love your style! Thanks for the tip about Olive today - I live in Austin so I took advantage of the sale :) How tall are you? I'm 5'2 so I worry about the length of some of the pants, they seem overwhelming in volume in the photos - gonna try for one of the pants being released tomorrow!

    1. Amazing! I'm jealous you got to check out the sale! I'm 4'11", so I'm even smaller than you! Would kill for your extra inches. Glad I've been able to help you, though! The pants are definitely not for the faint of heart, and are definitely a lot of look, but I'm glad I tried them!

  2. Wendy, I've really been enjoying this site! It's so great! I'm wondering about the weight of the Chintz pants...the A&J website says mid weight. Would you say they're more tightly woven and sturdy? less likely to get snagged? or softer and gauzier?

    1. They're pretty tightly woven, and rather textured in feel. The description on the Ace & Jig site is accurate!

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