Exclusive Ace & Jig Emerald Suit-up Jumpsuit in stores at Barneys

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have already caught a glimpse of this in my stories, but I'm posting them here by popular demand! It doesn't seem to have shown up online yet, but I am certainly keeping an eye out. UPDATE: Now available online!

Read on for my thoughts and a pic of just the suit-up!

Some of you may know that I'm an avowed jumpsuit-hater. I think they look great on some people... just never on me. The proportions have never been right for my small stature, resulting in a crotch that starts around my knees, or a top that puffs up significantly above the elastic waist or is far too low-cut for my lack of chest. And that's even before I get into the bathroom shenanigans.

I've gamely tried most of the jumpsuit styles from Ace & Jig, mostly for laughs, but this Emerald suit-up is one that I would actually consider purchasing for myself! 

  • Overall Fit: True to size. No issues getting in and out. 
  • Textile: The Emerald hype is real. And the ability to drape myself in it, even briefly was such a luxury. It possesses a rare combination of softness, beautiful patterning, and flattering color, and though I haven't had a chance to stress-test, doesn't seem to pull too easily. 
  • Neckline: The deep split v-neck is just the tiniest bit too low for me, but I'm so short, that it'll be great on pretty much everyone else. In my dreams, it would have a button at the top like the Hope tanks from SS '16, for a bit of modesty, but this works great. 
  • Sleeves: Wide, with a small split in the middle. Honestly, not my favorite. They stuck out a bit too much on me, but it would be an easy thing to take in. But certainly works with the look.
  • Waist: Higher than usual, which works extremely well for me. Hits around my natural waist, and I imagine it might be more of an empire waist for most. Drawstring makes it easily adjustable so that the crotch can be in approximately the right place for me! 
  • Length: Long. Like trailing on the floor for me long. This is one that would need to be hemmed if I were to get one for myself. But it really works with the look.
If you're interested in trying this one on before it drops online, I would recommend calling the Barneys store on Madison Ave: (212) 826-8900 UPDATE: Now available online!

For even more pieces in Emerald, check out my post on all things Emerald!

Thoughts? Are you thinking of getting one for yourself? 

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