(Not-So-)Surprise! Ace & Jig Emerald Spray Scarf

So you may have seen my Instagram Story a couple of days ago warning of its coming, but now that the news is public, I can finally confirm that yes, the XO I saw the other day was an Emerald Spray Scarf! Proof can be found above, that it was not some silly hoax on my part! Apologies for being an accidental tease — I was asked to take my post down since the scarf wasn't supposed to be live yet!

This is just one of the exciting XOs that will drop on the Ace & Jig Webstore tomorrow. See below for the others in case you missed 'em on the instagrams today.

The full range of scarves that will drop tomorrow: Emerald, Pearl, Carnival, Highland, Twine. How to choose, how to choose?!

Furthermore, Ace & Jig will be donating all the proceeds from the exclusive Soiree Dress in Carnival/Pearl to Circle of Health International, to support hospitals in Aleppo. Beautiful dress, beautiful cause. This is why we love Ace & Jig so much.

Did any of this week's XOs catch your eye? Which one(s) will you be trying for tomorrow? 


  1. Jeez...how am I supposed to choose? I was all amped up for Emerald but I might need Highland too!!

    1. Same! I'm debating twine and carnival myself!