Review: Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Antoinette, Henna, & Cosmos

Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Antoinette
Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Antoinette, XS at A. Cheng
The Lyon Dress (shown above in Antoinette, size XS) is a difficult creature. In the lookbook photos, it almost looks like the new iteration of the Heather Dress from Spring 2016 (which I love in Kasuri/Kente) or the Juliet Dress from Fall 2016 (which I didn't like). However, it's a significant departure from those styles in quite a few ways. Read on for more details and try-on photos in Henna and Cosmos.

Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Henna
Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Henna, XS at A. Cheng

Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Cosmos
Ace & Jig Lyon Dress in Cosmos, XS at Bird (Fort Greene)
Ace & Jig's Description: A ¾ sleeve midi dress with blouson sleeve, front and back pleating, back button placket and rope belt. 

Size/Fit: Large to size, due to voluminous sleeves and pleated bodice. I'm wearing an XS in all the above photos and felt that it basically overwhelmed me. 

Neckline: High mandarin split collar. I'm not a fan of higher-than-collarbone necklines, but this didn't bother me. 

Length: Midi on most, almost-maxi on me (I'm 4'11"). It is similar in length to the front of the Heather Dress, which has a high-low hem.

Closures: Buttons at the back of the neck.

Pockets: No.

  • The included rope belt felt a little bit less puffy and squishy in person than I had imagined it being. Especially compared to a rope belt from a Rennes dress from a few years ago. Definitely still works as a belt, but not as delightful as I was expecting. 
  • This dress is NOT reversible, unlike the Heather & Juliet Dresses of previous seasons. 

Overall Thoughts: This is a LOT of dress. There is a lot of pleating in the shoulders and bodice, the 3/4 sleeves are full length on me, and the high neck and long length don't help either. It overwhelms my small frame, especially in Henna, which is a stiffer fabric (almost like Major and Selvedge, but with thicker stripes).

Fellow petites: take a pass. This is a dress that's made for the taller ladies, who would be able to show a bit more leg and wrist, and handle this much fabric. It looks lovely on the Ace & Jig model, so it can certainly be worn well, but it's definitely a commitment to a look, especially for the price tag.

Rating: Not Recommended (except for models).

Retail Price: $445

Where to Buy Online: (as of posting time)



Have you tried the Lyon Dress in any textiles? What do you think? Don't forget to take a look at my other reviews of Ace & Jig pieces and textiles, too! 


  1. Your face in Antoinette says it all!

  2. Thank you for this review!! Could you possibly do a review of the Mallorca top vs this dress?! Am very curious to see if the top can work better for us petite gals.. Thanks!! Love your blog!

  3. I love this style and have seen it look good on real people not just models :)