New Ace & Jig Shopbop Exclusives

Ace & Jig Janis Mini Dress in Parfait
Shopbop keeps it coming with a few new Ace & Jig exclusives that just dropped this morning, in shorter lengths as usual.

My personal pick is the Janis Mini in Parfait (above), which I find just a bit more manageably sweet in the shorter length, and ideal for petite ladies as well. It also helps that it comes at a slightly lower price point of $298 vs. the original's $320.

It is accompanied by Ruby Minis in Promenade and Macaron, which I'm less into, as I personally love the midi length of the original Ruby Dress. It, too, is at a slightly lower price point, at $269 vs. the original's $289.

Still, Shopbop knows its customers, and I'm sure these minis will be someone's platonic ideal of Ace & Jig. Shop all the Ace & Jig at Shopbop here

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