Review: Ace & Jig Mallorca Tops in Cosmos & Antoinette

Ace & Jig Mallorca Top in Cosmos
Ace & Jig Mallorca Top in Cosmos, XS - at Warm
Following my review of the Ace & Jig Lyon Dress, it seemed natural to review the corresponding top: the Mallorca Top, which I liked significantly more! It's this season's version of the Heather and Juliet tops, with puffed sleeves and a loose and flowy fit. Read on for more details and try-on photo in Antoinette.

Ace & Jig Mallorca Top in Antoinette
Ace & Jig Mallorca Top in Antoinette, XS - at A. Cheng
Ace & Jig's Description: a ¾ sleeve blouse with blouson sleeve, front and back pleating, and a back button placket.

Size/Fit: Large to size, due to voluminous sleeves and pleated bib. I'm wearing an XS in both the above photos and would have happily sized down about 2 sizes, if it were possible. In the Antoinette photo, you can definitely see how the shoulder is lower than my actual shoulder — significantly too big for my petite frame. 

Neckline: High mandarin split collar, with less of a split than the Lyon Dress, actually. I'm not normally a fan of higher-than-collarbone necklines, but this didn't bother me. 

Length: Hip length on me, so likely a bit cropped for most. Shorter than the Heather Top by a few inches. I actually liked the length on me, as it helps to balance out the volume, though it could be hemmed a couple of inches as I'm super-petite (4'11").

Closures: Buttons at the back of the neck.

Pockets: No.

  • This top is NOT reversible, unlike the Heather & Juliet Tops of previous seasons. 
  • I didn't love how the stripes on the bib become distorted on the Antoinette version due to the pleats.
Overall Thoughts: Though there is a lot going on with this top, it's far more manageable than the Lyon Dress, and would work well for the more petite ladies who like the puff sleeve look. It can easily be balanced with slim pants or a skirt, or even layered over a dress, as I have shown in the Cosmos photo, where it's layered over a Teasdale Dress in Saki.

Just keep in mind: the sleeves are VERY puffy, in a way that my photos don't quite capture. There's a lot of pleating at the shoulder, which may be too much for those unwilling to commit to the full-on 70's Bohemian look. It's not my thing, personally, so I probably won't buy one myself, but I think this is going to be wearable on most.

The price is a bit on the high end for me for a top, but I suspect the smaller sizes will sell quickly since they are so oversized. Take that into consideration if you're thinking about waiting for a sale.

Rating: Average

Retail Price: $270

Where to Buy Online: (as of posting time)


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